The Soul

behind Skin Soul Spa

Amie Macdonald is the founder of Skin Soul Spa. For as long as she can remember, she has been insatiably interested in the beauty industry. Growing up, particularly during high school Amie was the ‘go-to’ girl for makeup, nail painting, tanning and waxing for her friends – it was common knowledge that she was going to be a Beauty Therapist!


Amie began her career in the beauty industry in the 1990s and landed her first job in Sydney. She quickly gained a reputation as a passionate, hardworking, customer-centric beauty therapist. A sponge for knowledge she attended many postgraduate courses and workshops by leading skincare brands and industry experts and was committed to providing her clients with the most up to date treatments and industry knowledge. Amie’s business acumen and drive for perfection saw her rise into managerial positions where she’s a proven leader with responsibilities to develop, manage and educate teams. Her strengths as a communicator coupled with her extensive experience as a beauty therapist saw her gravitate towards education.

Upon returning with her husband to the South Coast of NSW to raise their two children, Amie was employed by a local day spa. It was here her for passion for organic skin care, spa therapy and wellbeing was born and her interest grew. She found a love of yoga, and eventually completed her yoga teacher training – a life-changing experience for her.


She had never felt more connected to who she was, and with came the ability to connect with her clients on a deeper level. She had found her niche…


Amie has always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and creating her own business was something that she had always dreamed of doing. Not being one to follow the crowd, Amie wanted to create something unique and memorable factoring in all the values and elements of the industry she loved. Guided by intuition, Skin Soul Spa – Luxury mobile spa therapists was created.

Skin Soul Spa encompasses all of the elements within the beauty industry that Amie loves: massage, facials and spa treatments using natural, ethical products.


Let the beauty of what you love be what you do

– Rumi


Skin Soul Spa invites you to experience luxury spa treatments like no other. Committed to providing treatments that soothe the mind, body and soul by combining luxury ethical products, traditional healing practices and many years’ experience, Amie and her team of passionate spa therapists are able to create an atmosphere that truly allows you to surrender and experience the ultimate soul replenishment.